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What To Expect During Your First Visit

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. After you are checked in, one of our physicians will obtain your medical history, evaluate your overall health and examine the status of any wounds you may have. Please bring a list of your allergies, medications, and your insurance card to your visit.

If you have mobility issues, our staff is here to assist you into one of our comfortable treatment HBOT chambers.



Insurance Accepted & Self-Pay

As an independent, free-standing provider of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), HyperHeal Hyperbarics is a member of most major insurance plans. Whether HBOT is covered by your insurance carrier all depends on your condition, insurance policy, and documented medical need. Approved conditions are generally reimbursable by private insurance and Medicare. Prior to any treatment, we will verify and go over any out-of-pocket costs, if there are any.  You may also check with your insurance company.

If you do not have health insurance, we do offer an affordable cash-pay option if you are approved and medically cleared for HBOT treatments.

Wound Care

HyperHeal’s wound healing centers are designed specifically for evaluation and treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds and a range of other conditions. Chronic wounds are sometimes caused by trauma resulting from accidents and falls, but are often associated with underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, smoking, clogging of the arteries, and diseases of the veins (eg. PAD-peripheral arterial disease). Thousands of amputations each year are the result of foot ulcers that plague one out of every seven people with diabetes.

Our outpatient center brings together a variety of specialists: hyperbaric oxygen specialists, vascular, plastic and general surgeons, internal medicine experts, family practitioners, and podiatrists all collaborate on patient care. Many physicians’ offices are not equipped with the special supplies and medications used to treat different types of problem wounds. In addition, a wound that does not heal quickly or appropriately may signal a serious, underlying medical problem. At HyperHeal, our physicians specialize in sorting out the underlying causes that keep chronic wounds from healing.

Using advanced technologies and interventions, the physicians and staff effectively treat the most difficult wounds and manage the individual needs of each patient.

Wound Care Consent Form

Personal Care – HBOT Treatments

Treatment plans vary according to individual diagnosis. Each hyperbaric oxygen therapy session typically lasts two hours. The number of treatments needed to achieve the full benefit is based on guidelines determined by research, your insurance provider and endorsed by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society.

We’ll create a treatment plan specifically for you based on your diagnosis. Many conditions require 20-40 treatments or more. In general, a treatment session typically lasts 2 hours, and you will receive one per day, five days a week. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is cumulative, so the treatments build up to the desired effect.

During treatment, you’ll typically feel a change of pressure in your ears, similar to the descent of an airplane or driving over a mountain. You may also feel temperature changes—warm while going to pressure, comfortable when at pressure and chilly when coming up from pressure. You will be given blankets for your treatment.

The chamber has music, radio, video, and television sound piped in. You may bring your own music or DVD’s, but for safety reasons, you may not bring your own electronic devices or reading material into the chamber.

You may wear only clean, all-cotton clothing in the chamber provided by HyperHeal. Hospital-type gowns are available. You will be asked not to use alcohol-based products before treatment and to remove all jewelry, makeup, oils, and creams.




You Are An Important Key To Treatment Success

We encourage you to do your part! Much of the success of healing your wound will depend on your level of commitment to your treatment plan. You are an important member of your care, so it’s important that you follow directions that are provided to you by your physicians, monitor you to eat well and not smoke as it diminishes the flow of your blood in your vessels and could delay your healing. Our team is always available to answer any questions concerning your treatment program.


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